The Sembawang Town Council have blamed the algae growth on the concrete flooring behind a block of flats in Woodlands on poor workmanship. This case recently came to light when residents alerted the Town Council, indicating that the floor had only recently been repaved. 

Photos taken by residents clearly show dark green patches on the concrete flooring located next to the void deck at Woodlands Street 81. Some residents said the algae had been there for months, and appeared almost immediately after the concrete flooring had been repaved. The algae is a concern, as they might be a potential fall hazard, especially to the elderly residents.

The Sembawang Town Council, who was responsible for the area, said that the algae growth was due to poor workmanship done when the floor was redone, between October last year and April this year. The Town Council said that the contractor responsible for the works have agreed to carry out rectification works.

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