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Till now there is no sound or sight from the multi-millionaire PAP minister Masagos after all these prominent food poisoning cases. Can the minister please explain? What is the NEA doing? Are they doing checks? How often? Why so many food establishments and kitchens are disregarding hygiene? What are the possible enforcement and punishment actions of NEA? Is the food consumed within the recommended time?

There are so many questions and yet the minister is keep quiet. If you take such a high salary you need to explain to the people. Today 131 people suffered from food poisoning including K2 children and their teachers when they went for a camp. The food was prepared by FoodTalks Caterer & Manufacturer, located at Shimei East Kitchen in Bedok. Is the caterer currently suspended from its operation? Must a child suffer dire consequences before the minister come clean with the public?

Last week, 190 people fell ill after eating food prepared by TungLok Catering at the Max Atria at Singapore Expo. Before that there were 81 cases of severe food poisoning after consuming food from Spize Restaurant at River Valley and a 38 year old man even died from it leaving behind young children. But only the River Valley branch is suspended. Spize two other outlets at Bedok and Rifle Range continue to operate. Is there nothing the government can do to punish these operators and make them wake up their idea?

On 1 April 2019, a new statutory board, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), will be formed under MEWR to oversee food safety and security. So I guess it is one more fat salary for another general or a PAP yes man?? But why we have more government organisations and higher salaries for all of them that we the common men don't feel protected?



Editors note: Do we actually think the minister will speak up? He will probably just hiding in his ivory tower and collect his salary. They refuse to come down to the ground and see the issues for themselves. 


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