Local Jazz pianist and composer Jeremy Monteiro was recently trolled by a "big name hotel". The hotel invited him and another artist for a gig but cancelled it at the last minute after everything was confirmed. 

They have no choice but to suck it up and pay for their hotel rooms and part of the flight despite not having anything left to do there. 

"Hotel tells me 'sorry' and let’s work together in future.

Well, no. It’s not going to happen. Just try. All you will get is a big fat 'Sorry and a No' from me.

Unless this hotel mitigates the situation to reduce the impact with some else other than a 'sorry'.

I am not naming names because I have some parallel dealings with this hotel with another organization I lead, but it’s amazing how people can just make moves that hurt people financially and just say, 'sorry' without any offer to make amends or mitigate the situation."

So easy, say sorry can already? Way to live up to their reputation!

Credits to Jeremy Monteiro

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