The month of Ramadan is where Muslims around the world fast from dawn to dusk, and where they reflect upon their lives as Muslims. The fasting is also a way to experience the lives of the less fortunate to develop a stronger sense of empathy.

To complement that, Muslims are also encouraged to carry out good deeds and other acts of charity in the month of Ramadan.

Here in Singapore, people and groups organised themselves to carry out many different charitable acts.

A group of delivery riders from who call themselves #teamkindredsouls are also speading the love, and doing their part for charity. The group is made of riders from Food Panda and Grab Food. They are based in the northeast.


Every day at 4pm, the group, in collaboration with sponsors and volunteers from Qaseh's Kitchen, Al-Mawaddah Mosque, and Al-Islah Mosque, distribute meals for Muslims to break fast in the Sengkang-Punggol area.

This goes to show that no matter what your job is, your character and your deeds are the things that define you.

Ride safe and deliver safely #teamkindredsouls.

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