Malaysia is dragging its feet on another cross-border project - the Rapid Transit System (RTS). The RTS line was supposed to link Bukit Chagar in Johor Baru to Woodlands North in Singapore.

Malaysia has asked for a six-month extension to the deadline and to review the parameters of the project.

Like the High Speed Rail project, this RTS development was meant to enhance connectivity between the two countries to develop the economic and social relationships further. Both projects are now up in the air. 

What's the Malaysian government's objective in deferring these projects? Yes, there is a lot of money involved but such infrastructure is absolutely necessary for the future. Businesses and people can be better connected, opening up markets, and communities to more opportunities to interact.

Instead, the Malaysian government (or maybe just PM Mahathir) keeps focusing on other issues like water, maritime territorial boundaries, and airspace.

Then there is also the grand idea of building crooked bridges to link the two countries.

When will Mahathir move on?

The Singapore government cannot just sit by and wait for Malaysia/Mahathir to decide what they want to do in order to get the most political mileage from their actions. We must show that we mean businesses. If contracts and agreements are sacred, then Malaysia needs to know that it must abide by the agreements. If they don't abide to the agreements, then they must be penalised for it.

We have been bending over backwards to play the good, accommodating neighbour. We should not do so at the expense of our developments and plans for growth.



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