Domestic helpers are humans too.

A video of a Singaporean woman scolding her helper went viral today. The arrogant woman was shouting at her helper after she failed to hail a taxi. 

"Coming already... Can you put your hand out? The Green one! Oh my god"

"You don't ask so much you just put your hand out for taxi can or not?! Before I throw you here ok?"

"I hate it when you argue with me! Just do what I ask you!"

The maid was embarrassed and helpless as she tried hailing taxis from the roadside. Throughout the video, her employer stood a distance away and only flagged her arm weakly. She was dressed in an all pink outfit which did not help in softening her arrogant image. 

When they finally got a taxi, the poor helper even had to open and close the door for her employer, as if the latter was a queen. 

Is this considered mistreating an employee? What makes the woman think she has the right to yell and boss her helper around like this? Can someone CSI her?


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