Yishun and crime seems to go hand on hand. However, a man found out the tragic way that crime often does not pay. In the early hours of 9 November, a 25 year old man fell to his death form an eight storey unit of Block 512C Yishun Street 51. 

This was after he allegedly broke into the flat of his 35 year old friend, stealing up to $7,000 worth of items. The man was brought to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital after SCDF was alerted, but he subsequently died in hospital. The friend, Lim, did not even realise that he had been robbed in the first place, or that a man had actually fallen to his death fro his unit. The man had apparently entered and exited the unit via the kitchen window, which was not locked. Lim only found out he was robbed, and that the dead man was his friend, when the police came knocking and asked if he had lost any valuables.

Reports claimed that the man and Lim had became friends when they met each other while serving prison time. Police are still investigating the matter. 

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