'Our Government must take care of our people first. That is the duty of any government to its people.' That is the tag line on the newest poster by Progress Singapore Party, helmed by none other than dr Tan Cheng Bock.

This is not the first time they are promoting their ideals of putting Singaporeans first. And it definitely has resonated with many Singaporeans. Our current ruling government appears to not care for us and knowing that someone might care for us if voted in, is definitely refreshing.

The current ruling government has brought in CECA, giving them jobs instead of jobs to Singaporeans. They have also been raising taxes, price hikes to our water prices, transport and electrical tariffs. This no longer feels like a place where citizens feel like home. Singaporeans have to slog away their lives at work just to hit that minimum sum to have a taste of their hard earned money,

If Progress Singapore Party truly believe in what they say, we are going to be in good hands and there will definitely be progress in Singapore.

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