A 29 year old man lost his life after two lorries collided at the AYE on Friday night. Police confirmed the accident happened on the AYE towards city after the Jurong Town Hall exit, at around 11:30 pm on Friday.

It was reported that the two lorries were changing lanes at the exact same time, when one of the lorries collided into the back of the other lorry. The man, who was a passenger on one of the lorries, ended up being trapped in the vehicle. SCDF said that they had to use hydraulics rescue tools to free the trapped and injured man out of the vehicle. The man was taken unconscious to the NUH, where he subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

The driver of the same lorry where the dead man was trapped in, also a 29 year old man, was arrested by the police for causing death by a negligent act. The occupants of the other lorry all escaped unhurt.

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