The wife of PM Lee, Ho Ching is widely known to be the CEO of Temasek Holdings. The holding company that is owned by the Singapore Government. Many citizens have suspected and blamed Ho Ching for losing their CPF money from bad investments. 

Ho Ching is now going to step down as chairman of Temasek International, a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings. However, she is still going to remain as the CEO of Temasek Holdings. She claims that this move is to ensure that Temasek International is "ready for disruptive challenges and opportunities ahead". Current deputy chairman and CEO Lee Theng Kiat will take over as CEO of Temasek International.

Do you think anything will change with this move? Think about it, Ho Ching is still the CEO of Temasek Holdings. Stepping down from a subsidiary doesn't mean much if she is still the CEO of Temasek Holdings. She can still continue to control and make decisions. Furthermore, do you think any of her and PM Lee's cronies are willing to go against her? All of them are just their puppets, waiting for their strings to be pulled. Just like certain presidents we know of.

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