Lam Pin Min is pushed into the spotlight after the 5th Nov overnight ban of PMDs on footpaths. Because of this ban, many PMD riders have been assembling at multiple meet the people sessions around Singapore.

The biggest turnout during a meet the people sessions was yesterday, 12 November, when more than 300 pmd riders turned up for the session with Lam Pin Min. However, in the supposed dialogue session, Lam Pin Min continuously reiterated his words. The ban is here to stay. You have a $7 million grant to trade in for PMAs. Blah blah blah.

The riders were not given the mic to speak. When asked by reporters about the ban, he continued to say the same things. One can only wonder if these ideas was from himself. And if it wasn't, did he even think it through before approving them? Also, why is our taxpayers money being spent so easily? Who approved for our hard earned money to be used in this way?

There are definitely better ways of banning the PMDs on footpaths overnight. How many of such riders would complain about having their rice bowls taken away from them, their lifestyle. Obviously being in the ivory tower, he does not think about the citizens living below. About the repercussions the riders would have if they gave up their PMDs.

Lam Pin Min is unoriginal and has no empathy. Citizens vote ministers in to help with their lives. But here they are taking their livelihood away.

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