Something must be wrong if a general practitioner complains about healthcare in Singapore. The 71-year-old wrote in to the forum about rising costs and discrepancies in medical fees. He recently went to the National University Hospital (NUH) to seek treatment for his cataract condition and was told that he had to pay $19,000 for a simple procedure. 

"I was recommended an operation - a day surgery, no stay-in, about 40 minutes - to have the cataract removed and a pump insertion for the glaucoma to relieve the pressure on my right eye..."

He was uncomfortable with the staggering fee and sought advice at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), where he was then charged $9,000.

"Why are the surgical fees that high, given that the operation was not complicated and would take only 40 minutes? Why is there such a huge disparity in prices between NUH and SNEC? I understand they use different implants. Still one can't help but suspect profiteering."

$10,000 is too much if a disparity. Will the relevant authorities address his concerns? Or will they simply ignore his questions and conveniently hide behind the facade of a first world healthcare system? 

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