Jewel Changi has been the talk of the town since plans for building it came out. Many were excited for their attractions such as the sky nets and indoor garden which were released on 10 June.

A lady, June Neo, went to try out the Manulife Sky Net - Walking.


Unfortunately for her, she got her foot stuck in one of the holes of the net and fell. Her hand also suffered a big cut. She took to Facebook to talk about her own experience and warned parents bringing their kids there to be careful. She also claims that if she didn't wear pants, her legs might have ended up like her hand as well.

Despite her injuries, she still thanked the first aider who attended to her.

So now you know, be careful when you're out there having fun!

Parents please take note when you bring your kids to Changi Jewel, Manulife Sky Nets - Walking. The ropes are tough, the holes are big enough for adults foot to go through and stuck in there.
I fell as my foot stuck and my hand had a big cut. I am lucky that I am wearing pants, if not my legs will end up like my hand. So only slight abrasion to my legs and also bruises on my arm. Even sitting down or lying down on the ropes are also painful. 
Ensure your kids are wearing pants. Maybe wearing gloves is a good idea. 
Thanks to the first aider who attended to me.

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