An ex police officer who had HIV failed to disclose to his sex partners that he had the HIV when he had sex with them. He had also engaged the sex workers for sex as part of payment for a condominium unit he rented out to them. 

The man, who was not named, had rented a condo unit in Geylang at $1,700 a month, intending his partner to stay there. But his partner left him, so the man decided to rent out the unit instead for $80 a day. The offer was taken up by a sex worker, who intended to use the unit for her activities, as she had been arrested earlier that year for vice activities. She said that she needed to work to earn money while having to stay in SG awaiting her trial. The man than sought her sexual services, and told the woman he was a police officer, when he no longer was one. He also did not disclose that he was HIV positive. 

Apart form the incident, he had also used the condo apartment as a brothel and lived off the earnings off a prostitute, after he also leased out the apartment to two other Chinese sex workers. He had also sought their sexual services without informing them of his HIV positive status. The man is currently awaiting sentencing.  

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