A former School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) student from NTU went on to NTU Confessions Facebook page to make an anonymous plea for help regarding his marriage.

He mentioned that he was working from home as a remote developer for an European company and earning about 6000sgd a month while his wife is a HR associate who earns about 3500sgd. They birthed a child in late April 2019 and have started arguing ever since about how they can take care of their child after his wife goes back to work in September.

He laid out 4 options for her:

1. We hire a maid to take care of the child. Her reply: Too dangerous, maid might ill-treat her. Also, our HDB (4-room) too small for maid to stay in.
2. We get my parents to take care of the child. Her reply: The child will not grow up to know who's the parents. Furthermore, my parents stay in Bukit Batok while we stay in Punggol.
3. We get her parents to take care of the child. Her reply: Her parents still working, can't do it.
4. Either one of us quit our job and take care of the child full time. Her reply: If I quit my job, who's going to support our family? It will be selfish to ask her to quit her job.

However, his wife has rejected all his ideas and insisted that he take care of the child as he works from home. He also started to rant about how she uses his salary to buy material goods for herself for her male colleagues to see her in while he has to bear her sulking face at the end of each day. 

The wife also calls him selfish and a male chauvinistic pig despite the fact that he would happily quit his job to take care of the baby (which his wife also disagrees with)

The writer is at a loss on what to do and is looking for more ideas/opinions on how to help him with these issues.

Any of you go through the same thing before? What did you do?

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