Remember the Parrot Man? He was arrested by the police a few days ago for being a nuisance at Orchard Rd. He reportedly verbally abused a busker who told him to lower his volume. 

If you pity seeing a wheelchair-bound, nose-less old man getting arrested, you don't have to. The Parrot Man (Zeng Guo Yuan) already has a bad reputation for constantly blasting loud music to disrupt other people's performances. On purpose. He will pressure passerbys to give him money along the stretch of road that is designated for buskers with licences. 

Some were nice enough to tolerate him but he has gone too far this time by verbally abusing one of them. A Singaporean busker who has had enough took to Facebook to vent his frustration:

"This parrot man is a nuisance of the highest order.

He has zero regards for members of the public, let alone buskers, with his super loud blasting of his music wherever he goes.

Yes, blasting, for those who have never seen him in action before.

It is his modus operandi to enhance his begging efforts, along with his placards that smack of nothing less than preying on the sympathy of the public.

Lest anyone has any pity for him, hear this.

How many times did he not give a hoot to buskers who were already performing and who were at their spot before him and just parked himself beside them?

How many times did he rob buskers of their ambience to perform with his very inconsiderate behaviour?

Many, I tell you.

And I for one, am glad that the police were bold enough to arrest him cos in the eyes of people who don't know head nor tail, the police may be misconstrued as bullying a handicapped man.

We all know, right, the less-advantaged always win...

In this case, he is the REAL bully."

So, no need to pity him. It's amazing how he could run as an independent candidate in the past but thank goodness he didn't win. We do not have an outstanding government but we definitely do not need more people like him who lack good character. After all, reputation is temporary, character is permanent.

Credits to Wee Toon Hee for the story

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