An event management executive, whose act of jumping onto a bonnet of a BMW that was approaching his direction was caught on video and posted for all eternity, found himself in hot soup with the law. This culminated in Chee Chu Siong being fined a maximum of $2,500 after pleading guilty to committing a rash act that endangered the personal safety of others.

Chee was out with his friends at St James Power Station, celebrating his birthday on that fateful night. He had also downed 6 bottles of whisky when Chee and his friends left the pub. It was then that Chee saw the BMW, which was being driven by a PHD, named as 70 year old Koh Poh Choh. Chee then decided to jump onto the bonnet of the BMW, after it had come to a complete stop to avoid hitting Chee. 

Chee had also stepped over the windscreen and climbed onto the roof before jumping off and walking away. But the cab driver managed to get out in time to stop Chee from walking away. It was revealed in court that Chee had also paid compensation of $12,300 to the BMW driver. This was a very costly birthday celebration by Chee. 

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