So, after two intensive day of bringing to public what in essence is a family squabble, the AGC have issued a statement that basically say they will not comment any further on the case, and urged all other parties to cease prejudicing the case by posting their own comments online.

Lee Hsien Yang's latest post had called for the AGC to make public their correspondence with Lee Suet Fern, that disrepute the claims that Suet Fern had ignored the AGC calls for her to explain her role in the matter. LHY had also said that no one had “complained from the outset on the process and circumstances of our father’s signing his final will”. He then questioned why the AGC is rushing this case in 2019 only, when the facts of the case had been known for years prior.

It remains to be seen whether LHY and Lee Wei Ling will continue their online battle despite AGC's call for a temporary truce. 

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