TOC editor, Terry Xu, voiced his concerns in response to calls by some segments urging Opposition parties to adopt the by-election strategy. Basically, this stategy returns power to the PAP even before polling day, as the number of seats contested by the Opposition is less than the simple majority required to become the majority in parliament.

While this has enabled the oppposition to concentrate their resources on a few areas, Xu feels that this strategy is silly because it has, historically, been proven not to work.

He highlighted that the challenges here are differrent to those in Hong Kong. While Singaporeans are more concerned with bread-and-butter issues, the Hong Kongers are more protective of their liberties.

For the Opposition here to have any success, Xu suggested that parties should proactively respond to policies, politicians, and fear (of the people), as they approach the next GE.

Xu may be right. For years, the Opposition was contented to play second fiddle to the PAP. As resources were tight, the by-election strategy was a means of making the most out of those resources.

Times have changed.

Maybe the time has come for the Opposition to dream bigger. Whatever they do, they have to place the interests of Singaporeans as a priority.


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