NTU is now the latest university in Singapore to be hit by a peeping tom surge in hits residents' halls, as a third reported peeping tom incident was reported to have taken place in just three weeks.

In the latest incident, a Whatsapp message circulating among students said that the latest incident took place on the night of May 1 at the women's toilet on the third storey of Hall 4 in Block 22. It was understood that no police report was made, but NTU is providing support to the victim since the incident. The incident came to light when a red stool was seen near the toilet. It was believed the pervert used the red stool to peep into the toilet. The culprit is still not caught.

Those latest incident follows an earlier incident where 22 year old male student was reported to the police for filming a 20 year old female student showering in the residences, and another 19 year old man who was also reported to the police for taking photos of a anothe man in the showers in Hall 3. 

Just what makes the peeping Tom a current craze among students in our top two local universities? 

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