As we all know, our MPs only appear once every four to five years. So what is happening now? After the PMD ban, so many of them are meeting with the PMD riders.

They usually do not care about the citizens of Singapore. They do not listen to our complaints and worries. Yet suddenly, they are actually 'paying attention' to the riders! Some noticed that them the timing of them appearing to appease the riders are coinciding with the four to five years hibernation. 

While it is good that someone is trying to listen to those undergoing this plight, we can't help but wonder if it is sincere. Are they doing this just to wayang again? They ban the riders and then act like they actually care for them. If it is all an act, we should not fall for it. These people in white are known for their underhanded tactics in winning elections. Who knows if this is just one of them?

Do not be manipulated by them. Fight for our rights. But always remember that they are the ones who banned us in the first place.

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