A man has been caught on camera stealing three iPhones from a shop display, while another man, believed to be his accomplice, distracted the shop staff. In the incident at a shop in Jurong West, a man in a blue football jersey with the number 21 on his back was seen entering a shop.

The staff on duty, who happened to be the only one there as another staff had to attend to another business outside of the shop premises, turned his back on the display case, as the man in blue jersey requested his help. This was when another man swooped in, and immediately went behind the counter of the display panel, which was unlocked. He then helped himself to a buffet of three iPhones, a 64GB iphone 6 Plus, a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus and a 128GB iPhone 7 Plus. The man then calmly leaves the shop, while the staff was still occupied with the other man.

The shop owner, who was also not present during the theft, had made a police report and believed strongly that the two men were working together, and that they were familiar with the shop's operations. Police investigations are ongoing. 

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