Imagine being unable to see but still having to get around in busy Singapore. One netizen was angry that there are not enough measures to ensure that the blind can get around conveniently. He found it unfair that the authorities have neglected the need of the blind in our country.

For example, he complained about the lack of sounds at traffic junctions to help them cross roads. While he knows that there are audible traffic beeps, he was unhappy that they are only operational for a certain period of time. 

"LTA revealed that the Audible Traffic Signals are operational only between 7am to 9pm because residents complain of the beeping noise. Shocking indeed! These folks cannot tolerate the beeps of the signals, which are absolutely essential to the safety of Blind pedestrians, but are willing to live with noisy vehicles, loud music, etc.

Sad to say that while Singapore strive to achieve barrier-free accessibility for all, the real and necessary needs of the Blind (in terms of road safety) are neglected... Equal opportunities for all, EXCEPT the Blind!"

Imagine yourself, unable to see, having to work for a living and pay taxes; yet, when facilities are readily available, you are denied its use! How would you feel, if your Loved One risk their lives daily just by crossing Singapore's busy roads? A truly Inclusive Singapore should safeguard the rights and safety of blind pedestrians!

Perhaps, someone in authority could review the guidelines and extend the operating hours of audible traffic signals to 24/7, or at least, 6am-12midnight so that we can lead an active life and contribute to the community! What do you think? Do you agree?"

Credit: Blind Massage Service

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