The former DBS employee who was slammed on social media for posting a photo of a torn Singapore flag with a perfect Indian flag underneath it on Facebook, was  given only a stern warning by the police, who acted following consultation with the AG Chambers.

44 year old Avijit Das Patnaik, who has been a Singapore PR for nine years, was then working for DBS. He had posted the image on the Singapore Indians & Expats Facebook page on the eve of India's independence day which fell on 15 August. Upon his posting receiving widespread criticism for its offensiveness to Singapore, DBS had said that he was counselled and told that insulting a nation that agreed to take him in and give him a job was not an option.

However, DBS subsequently terminated his contract 10 days after they acknowledged his offensive post. It is understood that Patnaik, who is still living in Singapore with his wife and two young children, is currently still looking for a job. 

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