Singaporeans are always concerned about bread and butter issues. A netizen complained on Facebook about the price of eggs and saw her post go viral in just a few hours. 

She said: "I have just returned from NTUC and saw price of 30 eggs has again risen! Now it's $5.20! In Jan, it was $3++. 5 month ago, about $4++. Now $5++. I do not know what is causing this hyperinflation. But we all know with 9%GST, if the trend continues, will we then be paying $10++ for 30 eggs? Let's celebrate the rising cost of living. Anything that happens in SG must be good. The country is perfect right?"

She also complained about having to find a fourth job to support herself thanks to the rising cost of living. 

Are we having to pay too much for simple day-to-day ingredients? Are we being robbed in broad daylight? 

Do we have to live like this or will a better government offer more practical solutions?

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