This National Day, we reinforce our identity as a Singaporean but at the same time, are cruelly reminded of our day to day struggles. 

From an opposition politician's view, we should not thank the Government but rather, thank our forefathers for going through so much to put Singapore on the world stage. Why be grateful to them only to have them label their citizens as mediocre?

Do you agree? 

"We The Citizens Of Singapore

The five most overlooked words in our pledge are "We the citizens of Singapore..." it is how our pledge begins and it reminds us of why we have a Nation and why there is this community known as Singapore.

We are a community because we are Singaporeans. Let us never forget that. It is because of this community that our government, our army, our courts exist. These institutions exist to serve and protect Singaporeans and not the other way around.

Our nation was built by our forebears and not by any government. Many of them escaped the famine and poverty in their land of birth to seek a better life on a distant shore. They landed in Singapore, most with little or no money in their pockets. But they were not a mediocre people. They had great reserves of fortitude and imagination to create a better future for themselves and their descendants. The Great American Minister and author Norman Vincent Peale once said "Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that".

In recent times our sense of nationhood and community has been wounded by a rapacious government, which has inflicted a crushing burden in the daily lives of Singaporeans through ever increasing costs of living.But it is no time to despair. Like our forebears, we can co-create a better future by helping each other to progress and by electing representatives who share our values as Singaporeans. We can choose to effect change, a change that leads to hope for a better life for all.

On this joyous occasion I wish my fellow Singaporeans a very Happy National Day! Majulah Singapura!!"

Credits to Lim Tean

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