AMKTC General Manager Victor Wong Chee Meng was sentenced to a 27 months jail term for accepting bribes. Chia Sin Lan, whose two companies provided construction services to town councils was also sentenced to a 21 months jail term.

This is a sad day for them. There was no news about them for the longest time and all of a sudden, jail time. This comes after the AHTC brouhaha with WP fighting back. People have been making comparisons between WP and the AHTC issue. Netizens all around have been questioning about the results of the AHTC and why hasn't the government been going down on them.

The government probably has eyes and have seen these complains. To cover their own backside, they probably decided to sacrifice some pawns in other to take down WP. What a cheap move. Let this be a lesson to all those who support them. They have no qualms about sacrificing their own pawns to win the game. While you guys are working against the opposition, your own party may be working in the shadows trying to get rid of you so that they can get every single advantage.

I hope that you guys are able to see a clearer image now. Think carefully about who you support.

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Do you agree that this is just an act to show that they actually believe in what's right and wrong? Do you believe that there is no corruption in their ranks? Let us know what you think.

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