There will be a protest happening at Hong Lim Park this Saturday, 30 Mar 2019, by Hyflux investors. Hyflux has been embroiled in many controversies after failing to resolve its defaults. The second largest water desalination plant in Singapore was issued a notice by PUB due to problems with its water purchase agreement and debt. 

People's Voice's Lim Tean has declared that he will be there as well. 

"It is disgraceful how the 34,000 retail investors in Hyflux who invested a total of $900 million in the company, which was heavily backed by the government and the financial regulators who allowed CPF monies to be invested, are being treated. They stand to lose up to 97% of their investments and for many of them the loss will severely affect their families and lifestyle.

Once again, ordinary Singaporeans have been let down by this PAP government. Peoples Voice urge Singaporeans to attend this important Hong Lim Park Rally to support our fellow Singaporeans who have been hurt by their investments in Hyflux."

Nothing is reliable or trustworthy these days.

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