By now, the news would be all over social media, Tan Cheng Bock had been asked and led a meeting with 7 other opposition political parties in Singapore. The parties were Singapore Democratic Party, the People’s Power Party, the Democratic Progressive Party, the Reform Party, the National Solidarity Party, the Singaporeans First Party and a new, as yet, unregistered People’s Voice Party.

Dr Tan indicated that all of these parties know that they have fallen short in the last GE to win any seats, and that to move forward to bring change to Singapore, they have agreed to join forces and for Dr Tan to lead them. This, they feel, was the only way they can contribute politically to Singapore. Dr Tan advised all the parties that in order to resonate with the ground, they must always think of Singapore first and put their own political parties' interest aside. They must work together for the good of Singapore, and not for individual glory.

Do we see a wind of change in the Singapore political scene? For the opposition to put their differences aside, and to admit they had fallen short and are willing to change themselves for the benefit of Singapore was a big statement in itself. Is Dr Tan the Mahathir of Singapore? Can he do what Mahathir did in Malaysia recently? 

As Dr Tan said so himself, he is 78 years old, and don't have much time left to mentor a team for the good of Singapore. Let us get behind Dr Tan, and will him to shape the next generation of political leaders of Singapore. Ones who understand the ground, and not only talk high and mighty from their ivory tower.  

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