We heard about a truck driver picking up a girl on the highway to bring her home after her taxi broke down this morning. Now there's news of another kind deed. 

A Facebook user, Melvin Poh, made a Facebook post this morning talking about his experience meeting an amputee security guard. He had all his fingers on his right hand amputated and suffered two strokes and 8 major falls in his life. He was certified permanently disabled and was jobless for years. However, through his determination, he managed to learn to write on his left hand and built up his strength to walk.

He finally landed himself a gig as a security guard and is paid $65 a day. However, he spends about $30 to go home by a taxi service. Hearing this, Poh offered to send him back home every night for just $10 to help him save more money. Poh however, mentioned that he might not be able to do it every night, which is the reason for him to make the post.

Poh asks if there are any other drivers that could help fetch the uncle home at a highly discounted rate. People have since poured in donations and Poh is even thinking of starting a funding page for the security guard. 

Kudos to everybody who has helped. We really do need more kindness in Singapore.

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