A Toyota driver was caught on camera of purposely braking his vehicle suddenly to cause the fall of a biker behind him. The driver then claimed ignorance of the accident, and drove off without offering any help to the stricken biker.

The accident happened at Tampines Avenue 2 on Tuesday afternoon, and left the biker with injuries to his neck, spine and hip, and also suffered from high fever and vomiting. The conflict first arose when the Toyota driver accused the driver of being slow. The biker later confronted the the driver, and they continued hurling insults at each other. The driver then drove off when the traffic light was in his favour, with the biker behind him. This was when the the Toyota driver suddenly stopped his car, causing the biker to hit the back of the car and fall off his bite. 

The driver than left the scene when other motorists stop to help. Police confirmed they have been alerted to the case, and are currently investigating the case

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