How quick are our station staff when it comes to responding to situations? Just a few days ago, a commuter complained about a SMRT staff for reacting too slowly to her warning.

She was on her way to work when she spotted an unclaimed plastic bag on the train. She wanted to play safe and alert the staff about it when she got off, but the latter was so slow she had to take the suspicious item out of the train herself.

"As I was taking the escalator down, I noticed him casually strolling down, and upon reaching the bottom of the escalators, turning around, catching my eye, and then mulling over whether he should take the stairs back up. He decided against this, and walked to the lifts instead, and wait with the crowd to take a lift back upstairs to the platform.

Yeah, cause IEDs always wait until it's convenient for you bro."

What if it was really something suspicious? Why did the station staff underestimate the situation and take his time to reach her? Is this how they are trained? What's the point of telling people to alert suspicious items when the staff themselves are so indifferent about it?

"I know we tout ourselves as being "safest city" and all that jazz, but honestly, it's absolutely appalling behaviour given the current security rhetoric that we’re always hearing about. And maybe this is me being overly cautious but it is also indicative of the very blasé attitude of SMRT staff especially given the endless #SGSecure videos by Ministry of Home Affairs, Singaporewhere members of the public are proactive and eagle-eyed, and station masters quick to react when a capped-sunglasses-wearing-guy leaves behind a black canvas bag.

So SMRT I ask, not if but when will you be getting your act together? And when will you #StayAlert #StayUnited #StayStrong?"

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