A teacher of a primary 3 student just went on to her Twitter to bash about the student for being ignorant about racially insensitive. Her full thread can be seen in the picture shown above. (see below for enlarged image)

The teacher was angry that the boy shouted out that her favorite food is curry just because she is Indian. Furthermore, he called out beef curry, which is something Hindus can't eat and also questioned why she can eat xiao long bao, which contains pork.

The teacher called the student an uncultured swine in her posts and also said that she wanted to strangle the kid. Don't you think that saying you wanna strangle a Primary 3 kid, even if it's hyperbole, is a little too much? If her first reaction to such things is to rage and take it to social media, maybe she shouldn't be a teacher.

Kids have to be nurtured and taught what's wrong or right. Nobody is born knowing everything in life. We hope that this teacher will come to understand that and try and educate the kids better instead of being angry at them.



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