Nas Daily aka Nuseir Yassin, might be moving to Singapore soon - according to Alyne Tamir, fellow content creator and Nas's girlfriend. Nas will be bringing along his company here as well. Nas has previously received flak for being overly enthusiastic about Singapore and being a brand new mouthpiece for PM Lee. PM Lee even appeared in one of his videos.

Singaporean netters also bashed him for overhyping Singapore as it is not as great a place as he thinks it is. Netizens commented that he should try staying in Singapore and dealing with the high prices before making his comments.

In Alyne Tamir's Instagram post, she mentioned that she will be able to not going through traffic which netizens scoffed at. They also wondered if Nas and his company are sponsored to be here. She thinks that it's going to be "sick". Little does she know that most of us here are indeed "sick". "Sick" of living here under this government that is.

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