An eight storey tall tree was fell by heavy rain and strong winds, toppling into a HDB block in Old Airport Road early on Wednesday morning. Photos of the toppled tree shows it resting up to the tenth storey of the HDB block, with reports indicating that windows were smashed, and some air con compressor were also damaged.

10 units of Block 97 Jalan Dua were affected, with the units on the third and eighth storeys getting their windows smashed. The tree have since been removed, with the Marine Parade Town Council stating that it had contacted the affected residents and will work on them for compensation for their damaged units. 

However, some residents still voiced concerns that the costs might have to be covered by themselves, as this incident can be classified as an act of God. The TC is still investigating, and have called on horticulturists to check on the conditions of the other trees in the area.

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