Yes you read it right. Ho Jinx and Pinky's youngest son, Li Haoyi has his own Patreon page. Patreon is used for crowdfunding in exchange for more content from the creators. 

Li Haoyi has 3 tiers on his Patereon page, $5 a month, $25 a month and $125 a month. 

For his $5 tier it states:

  • Buy me a beer as thanks for my open-source libraries that you're using!
  • Feel good about contributing something to the open-source Scala world

The $25 tier states:

  • Buy me dinner as thanks for my open-source libraries that you're using!
  • Give something back for all the time that my open-source libraries have saved you

And the $125 tier states:

  • I'll give you a shout-out on twitter as thanks!

The son of our Prime Minister, giving you a shoutout for your donation of $125 a month? This is probably on worth it for rich PAPigs who want to get recognized by their masters. I mean come on, you can do so much more with $125 a month. And buying him a beer/dinner? Seriously? His parents are already taking money from us every single day and he thinks daft sinkies will continue to contribute to his family? I rather buy the beer/dinner for myself thank you very much. 

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