Who would have thought that Lee Hsien Yang will have breakfast at a hawker centre with Dr Tan Cheng Bock? The pair was spotted this morning at West Coast Market and Hawker Centre at Clementi West. 

According to Dr Tan, they had wanted to catch up with each other but did not want to dine at some fancy restaurant. "I suggested we go to West Coast Food Centre at Block 726 Clementi West. Hsien Yang was all for it. He missed our local hawker fare in the heartlands. We had porridge and coffee with yu tiao. It was a good breakfast, not only the food, but the sharing we had on world affairs and the current state of politics in Singapore."

Many Singaporeans were equally surprised by the sight and swarmed to take photos with them. In a Facebook post, Dr Tan promised to have more breakfasts and lunches with his friends in the heartlands. 

Dr Tan had served there under the Ayer Rajah constituency when he was a PAP MP. The former Presidential candidate, who lost out by a small margin in 2011, is well-liked by Singaporeans as the people's president. At age 78, Dr Tan does not promise to effect much change but knows that there is still a small window of opportunity for him to make a difference. 

It is a surprise that he met with Lee Hsien Yang, who last appeared in the news for being embroiled in the Oxley saga. It remains to be seen what their breakfast was about or what it will bring, but for now it is good news that Singaporeans may have more opposition voices to defend us and fight for our future.

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