Another day in Singapore entails another day of complaints. A Singaporean man took to Facebook to share about his unpleasant experience with a rude Grab driver. 

He booked a Grab and was less than 5 minutes late but told the driver to wait. After a while, he got into the car and apologised for the inconvenience. Instead of brushing it off, the driver answered: "Please don’t book your grab when you cannot make it on time."

The man continued apologising despite being startled by the driver's attitude. Again, the driver retorted: "讲 sorry 没有用。这边不可以停,你讲sorry 我等一下还是中200块summon (You say sorry no use, here cannot wait, you say sorry i also will kena $200 summon)."

As if that wasn't enough, the driver almost knocked onto an e-scooter rider after he failed to stop at a zebra crossing. 

The man was frustrated that he met a dangerous and unpleasant driver so much so that he did not bother to thank him for the ride. But here's what's funny: "To make it a joke, I even accidentally rated him 5 stars because it’s my habit to rate drivers 5 stars and then close my app."

Turns out the man is also a joke.

He mentioned that it was not his first time being late and most of the time, drivers will wait. In the first place, he shouldn't take it for granted that all drivers will wait. Some don't, so it wasn't as if the driver's anger was unfounded. 

Granted, the driver may have been quite attitude but hey, too bad for accidentally giving him 5 stars when you're not so 5-star yourself?

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