Police are investigating claims from a Pasir Ris resident via her Facebook post that a drone was seen flying by her bathroom window as she was showering. The woman was staying in a HDB flat on the 17th storey.

Police have confirmed that a formal police report have been lodged, and that the area where the drone was flying was within 5km of an airport or an airbase, where a licence is required to be obtained for such actions take place.

In the Facebook post, Amelia Yeo said she noticed something flying outside her toilet window as she was showering. She normally does not shut the windows, as she stays on the 17th storey, and she has no privacy issues as there is no structures nearby her window. Ms Yeo claimed that she saw the drone fly past her window several times, with a slow speed. Police were immediately notified, but their immediate investigations revealed no clus as to who had flown the drone. 

Peeping Toms have now gone high tech, and making use of new technology to sustain their perverted kicks.

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