Residents at The Floravale, a condominium located in Jurong West, have found that their home addresses have been illegally used by foreign workers as their registered address. Those affected found out through MOM's Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service, which has not been fully rolled, having only been soft-launched in December last year.

The foreign workers, including their employers, are furnishing these fake addresses as a way of circumventing legislation on overcrowded rental properties for their workers.

The affected residents are understandably concerned that they may taxed for rental income, or that their addresses may be used in loan applications, with no intentions of repayment.

MOM is looking into the matter.

There are genuine concerns that need to be addressed. 

The MOM needs to review the processes to ensure that the system is robust, and plug the gaps that may be convenient for abuse. For example, where residential addresses are produced, the foreign workers and their employers must also furnish their lease agreements as proof of their rental. 

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