The South Korea men's football tram have secured themselves an exemption from Military service after they clinched the Gold Medal at the recently concluded Asian Games. The team, which also comprised of Son Heung Min of Tottenham Hotspur, beat Japan 2-1 in the final.

Son took part in these Games, captained South Korea as one of the over-aged players in the under-23 competition, mainly to put himself in a position to win the Gold medal and obtain the exemption, so he could continue his lucrative professional football career in London. All able-bodied South Korean men must complete 21 months' service in the military as a deterrent against the North, but exemptions are offered to athletes who win gold at the Asian Games or a medal of any colour at the Olympics.

This is a slap in the face for Singapore's own Ben Davies. Widely condemned in Parliament by PAP Ministers for allegedly trying to escape serving his NS, even though he only asked for a deferrement, he can now never get the deferrement to allow him to play professional football in London, like Son. Here is a guy whose country is in an actual conflict with the North neighbours, yet he got the exemption. Poor Ben can only curse his luck

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