Many of you will remember the viral incident during December last year, of a cyclist who was knocked down by a lorry driver after he smashed the lorry driver's side mirror. 

This time, we do not know the cause of their aggression. This incident allegedly happened at Eunos.

In the video, the lorry driver can be seen trying to scare the cyclist by moving the lorry near to the cyclist, which caused the cyclist to gesture at the driver angrily. The driver then tried to drive even nearer to the cyclist which caused the cyclist to carry his bicycle off the road. As the cyclist tried to walk away from the lorry, the driver rushed out of the lorry with something in his hand and chases the cyclist down to confront him. The cyclist then punched the driver in the face which resulted in the driver falling onto the floor and sitting in a daze. The cyclist then carries on his way.

If you have more information on the incident, let us know! 

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