Tissue sellers are a common sight in Singapore, and usually we will not bat an eyelid at them Most of the time, the good in us will demand that we actually buy tissues from them, what more a blind tissue seller. But for one tissue seller, she had a day she would rather forget.

A post on Facebook that is doing its rounds since Wednesday has claimed that one unfortunate blind tissue seller had her entire day's earnings robbed at Yishun MRT. According to the post by one Jessica Vincent, the blind lady was stationed at the Yishun MRT underground walkway, which links to the Northpoint. But on Tuesday night, a woman allegedly grabbed the blind seller’s bag which contained her entire day’s earnings and took off. The blind lady sensed that she had been robbed and shouted for help.

Another lady who was passing by heard the commotion, and gave the robber a chase. Unfortunately she could not catch the robber, but did manage to snap a photo of the female robber. The Facebook post also claimed the a Police report would be made. Let's hope the female robber is caught, and the blind lady gets back her hard earned money. 


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