Trending in Singapore: Petitions. 

Singaporeans have started yet another petition. This time, they are calling for the authorities to return a lorry driver's vehicle. The driver was involved in a fight with a cocky cyclist at Pasir Ris last year. The incident went viral a few hours after it was online, with netizens mostly criticizing the cyclist and saying that he deserved it. 

The lorry driver was investigated and had his vehicle impounded. Till this day, people continue to empathize with and help him maintain his livelihood. 

Without the lorry, the driver has to struggle to rake in an income. He used the lorry to deliver goods to earn money and still has to pay off its installment loan which totals up to $800 every month. 

His actions may have been uncalled for but netizens feel that the cyclist was also in the wrong and the driver should not be deprived of his livelihood. They are calling for the Traffic Police to return his vehicle. The petition has already gathered 3760 signatures. 

Petitions, petitions, everywhere. In this climate of petitions, do you think the Singaporean authorities will do anything or just stand idly by? The next time you feel unfair about something, will it spur you to create a petition too?


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