The nephew of Pinky, Li ShengWu, has just posted an update on his own Facebook. He has been silent for a long time and we have not been getting any updates over how his uncle's gahmen is sueing him for a private Facebook post meant for his friends only. In case you missed it, Li ShengWu made a comment saying “Singapore government is very litigious” and has a “pliant court system” on a private Facebook post. The post then somehow got the attention of the AGC they asked Li for a public apology which he promptly refused.

Fastforward two years later and Li ShengWu has finally had another update on his Facebook. The Singapore Gahmen is still prosecuting them after all this time and he just filed his defence affidavit. In his post, he also thanked one David Pannick, a leading expert, for his guidance and help.

His post has since been shared over 400 times and was even shared by Pinky's own siblings, Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang.

Wonder how far the Singapore government is willing to go for this.

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