The latest audit reports coming out from SBS Transit indicates that their Q3 earnings had soared even higher on the back of higher number of people taking public transportation. Yet, this does not seem to deter the PTC to approve the hike in public transport fares, as the rail operators still insisted  that rail operations are still unprofitabe despite the higher number of people taking the MRT and LRT.

With even proof that the SBS Transit had posted a strong increase in their net earnings for the third quarter ending 30 September, it seems that it still is not enoiugh for these greedy government to increase fare and make more Singaporeans suffer. The numbers are just staggering, consider this. The profit attributable to shareholders went up by 77.5% to $19.7m, and comes on the back of a 19,1% rise on revenue, which equates to $351.4m. 

With the millions earned, the PTC still agreed that rail operations are still unprofitable, and as a result, mediocre Singaporeans have to pay the price with increased transport fares. If there is any more proof that Government only sees dollars and cents in everything they do, this is it. No compassion for Singaporeans, who are struggling with an alarming possibility of seeing their home country getting too expensive for them to live in. 

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