How do you feel about Singapore's postal service, Singpost? Facebook User Andy Lau (not to be confused with the singer/actor), was at home the whole day, only to have a postman turn up and knock on his door for a few seconds, left the delivery failure notice and ran off before he could even answer the door.

The namesake of one of the four heavenly kings was so angry that he ran down to wait for the postman at his bike and questioned him about his parcel. The postman was unable to answer his questions and claimed to have waited for Lau for over 20 minutes. However, Lau noted that his parcel was still at the back of the postman's bike, which also means that the postman didn't even go up to his house with the parcel. 

The delivery service of Singapore seems to be deteriorating. This is not the first time something like this happened. Many netters followed up on Lau's post to comment on their own bad experiences with Singpost. Should Singpost be looking into this? Why can't the postman just bring the parcel up any way?  

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