As expected, NParks have quickly came out to absolve themselves from blame on the trees that fell at Sembawang Park yesterday, which injured 14 people who were hiding away from the thunderstorm. NParks said that the two trees that fell were inspected May last year, and were deemed healthy. 

This comes after on of the tree that fell hit the pavilion in which the 14 were taking shelter at, resulting in their injuries. In explaining themselves, NParks said that the trees fell most likely as they were uprooted by the thunderstorm and heavy winds. Under guidelines, tress are inspected and pruned every 12 to 24 months, and the trees that fell is within the inspection grace period. 

But of course, these kind of statements are to be expected. After all, who would come out and say the trees were never inspected, thus that's why they fell. 

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