A Scoot passenger who flew from Singapore to Qing Dao was angry that the airline damaged her luggage and only offered to compensate S$50. She claimed that it is not enough even though the Scoot staff told her that she can even buy a new luggage with that amount of money.

"On 22 June 2018, we took Scoot from Singapore to Qing Dao. Upon arrival at Qing Dao airport, when we collect the luggage from the conveyor belt, we noticed that 2 of the luggage wheels are lost resulting 2 holes at where the wheels are supposed to be, top corner of the luggage is damaged with creases.

Upon this discovery, we immediately reported this to the relevant authorities. They told us that we have to email scoot within 7 days with the attachment of proof of damage and damage report form which we complied. After 2 weeks, after our return from China to Singapore, we received a response via email from Scoot.

In the email, we were to sent a form in which we have to fill in claims and by doing so, further advice for compensation will follow. In another email, they sent a form with our personal info stating that we should sign an agreement that we shall receive a compensation of SGD$50 which we are not agreeable because $50 can't repair the damages let alone buy a luggage to replace what they've damaged to our property.

As such, we contacted them for further claims to compensate the damages incurred by them. We called the appointed agent with the owner of the luggage speaking to the respondent. The respondent was not able to communicate due to language barriers and asked to speak to an English speaker.

I called the number again when I was free and spoke on the behalf of the luggage owner. The respondent however was not understanding and helpful. She wanted the brand and photo of the luggage for review. Through our phone call, she said that someone else decided to receive $50 compensation for a similar case and that we can buy a luggage for $50 in China.

At this point, I told her that for the size of this luggage, is it possible to get it for $50? The respondent therefore denied her allegations. Throughout the coversation, I was angry at the service that I received and the discriminatory remarks of the respondent.

For customer services especially an airline, it is basic that they should be able to handle such things with great responsibility and fair judgement. Her colleague who was able to speak Chinese shifted responsibility to his colleague and told us to accomodate to their request of getting an English speaker. Even when I communicated to her in English, she was not able to handle this well and even gave discriminating remarks.

It does not matter whether the luggage was from supermarket or branded stores, do you think $50 can fix the damages let alone buy a new luggage? All we asked for was reasonable compensation of a luggage of the same size and shade but we did not expect that the service that we received was irresponsible and impoliteness. We weren't being absurd and were understanding despite weeks of delay from them yet they were not responsible with integrity and fair judgement."

Credit: Kurara

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