Watch out, someone created a petition to ban nose-picking in Singapore! Sadly, it is just a satire about the LGBT debate in our nation. If only it was real, it will be such an entertainment!

The petition, which was addressed to the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, argues that nose-picking, or Orpisai, tarnishes Singapore's reputation as a clean and hygienic country. 

"We need to send a message that our society is still largely pro good public manners. As such we should have a law that bans nose picking, but without intruding upon the privacy of nose pickers. As such we should have a law that we will not enforce. Call it Section 0135A1. Because these numbers and alphabets collectively resemble the word "Obisai" the most, so people can remember it easily."

Four people have signed it. Why nobody support?

Nevermind la, no need enforce also can. Got law but never enforce = democratic anyway.

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